Gallery of mounted parts


Rear Deck Mesh Grills

Square Stand-offs for Mud Guards

Armoured vent cover

Inner double wheel extra bearings and spacers

Pointed Barrel Bolts

Start plate detailed nuts

Square Stand Offs for Exhaust Shields

Securing Plates for Pointed Barrel Bolts

Hub Cap Adaptor

88mm Shells and Casings

Rear deck square headed bolts

Read deck hook, base and new peg

Replacement Filler Caps

Solid Steel Swing Arms

Front Plate Boss

Tow Bracket Plate & Pin

Early Pistol Port and Pointed Bolts

Hubcaps and Pointed Mounting Bolts

Track Pin Deflector Plate

Vision Port with offset slot

Turret Top mounted 'T' Section

Motor Mounting Plate

Escape Hatch

Internal Hull Supports

Rear Wading Flange

Muzzle Brake Dust Cover

Engine Lid Armoured Vent Cover

5 volt (3 amp) Voltage Regulator

Turret Mounted Smoke Dischargers

Drive Rings and Sprockets Hubs

Drive Sprocket Centre Bolt